Computer Behavior Monitoring

Computer Behavior Monitoring is a simple solution for insider & outsider threats.

Data leak facts…

Yearly employee turnover in US: 24%

87%: take data that they created in their previous job

28%: take data others had created

InfoTrace- Complete and Simple Computer Behavior Monitoring Service

  • Metadata Employee Monitoring:  Record hours logged in, websites visited, application usage, internet connections, documents opened, uploads/downloads and software installations.

  • Data Leak Prevention: Control access to infrastructure through application control, device control (i.e. disabling USB drives) and network access control (i.e. blocking server access to certain employees).

  • Asset Tracking and Management: Track and mange the modification, copy, and destruction of computer-held assets identified as critical to the business.

  • Compliance Management: Vulnerability audit for NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPPA and compliance management providing the template policy profile as well as logging capability.

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