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Soliton InfoTrace™ – Endpoint Protection Solution (Zerona)

Kernel Level Analysis

Attackers will inevitably thwart traditional preventative controls. Our endpoint protection solution monitors security events across

  • Memory

  • Processes

  • Files

  • Drives

  • Applications

  • User Behavior

Investigate Recorded Events

To understand what is happening now, what has happened in the past, and to be able to predict what may happen in the future — discrete and detailed intelligence that focuses on endpoint security events;

Soliton InfoTrace™ – Endpoint Protection (Zerona)
is OE EPP Module  (Other Option: Yarai , Cylance, Symantec, MacAfee, TrendMicro)


Multi-Vector Threat Detection

Our endpoint protection solution is capable of detecting malicious incidents and halting system exploits across multiple threat vectors such as:

  • HTTP Web-based attacks

  • Email attacks

  • Software vulnerability attacks

  • P2P applications

  • Advanced unknown malware

“We decided to strengthen our security governance to protect our employees from data leaks. We selected InfoTrace because of its rich UI and extensive security event analytics capabilities. We are happy to use InfoTrace to raise the level of security awareness with its access control capabilities.”

– Information Systems Manager

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