Soliton InfoTrace™

Endpoint Security and Policy Management Platform

Advanced Endpoint Monitoring 360° – InfoTrace is the Centralized Endpoint Data Management suite combined with three (3) capabilities in ONE single platform.

1.PREVENT, DETECT UNKNOWN AND KNOWN MALWARE :InfoTrace’s behavior-based, signature-less advanced analytics protects organizations from even the most advanced malware attack

2. MONITOR INSIDER THREATS TO STOP SABOTAGE, IP THEFT AND FRAUDCollect detailed endpoint event logs, InfoTrace provides real time behavior alerts and its log evidence to investigation

3. SET POLICIES AND COMPLIANCE USING BASELINE PROFILES: Establish baseline compliance policies that are maintained throughout the enterprise including temporary staff subcontractors, and vendors

Easy Implementation:  One single endpoint agent to install. InfoTrace simplifies Cybersecurity protection, detection and response by using one management platform.

Simple Action: Apply remediation from a central management platform. Block malware, stop running processes, or isolate an endpoint from network without physical operation nor remote desktop.

Effective Verification:  Monitor the compliance and enforcement violation. We provide “digital policy file” for compliance including SEC, FTC, NIST,  GLBH, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO, ISMS and NY DFS.

Soliton InfoTrace™

–Malware Protection    w/Analysis Layer


Advanced Anti-Malware Protection with Simple Dashboard

  • Multi-layer scanning blocks known and unknown malware, including ransomware
  • Does not conflict with your current endpoint security layer
  • Does not rely on threat signatures so it’s always up to date
  • Enforces application white-listing and blacklisting
  • Kills malicious processes and restricts network and application access to quickly quarantine an active infection


Infotrace analytics and behavior monitoring dashboard

Kernel Level Analysis

Attackers will inevitably thwart traditional preventative controls. Our endpoint protection solution monitors security events across:

  • Memory
  • Processes
  • Files
  • Drives
  • Applications
  • User Behavior


Investigate Recorded Events

To understand what is happening now, what has happened in the past, and to be able to predict what may happen in the future — discrete and detailed intelligence of “Endpoint Process Chain” and “File Chain” that focuses on endpoint security events;

Multi-Vector Threat Detection

Our endpoint protection solution is capable of detecting malicious incidents and halting system exploits across multiple threat vectors such as:

  • HTTP Web-based attacks
  • Email attacks
  • Software vulnerability attacks
  • P2P applications
  • Advanced unknown malware

Soliton InfoTrace™

–Insider Detection    w/Analysis Layer


Detailed Endpoint Logging & Behavior Analysis

  • Provides detailed timeline for behavior of suspicious file (Asset) access activities
  • Investigate insider data theft with data access reports detailing user actions such as copying over the network,  file name change, printing, copying to USB device, web activity, etc.
  • Detailed endpoint behavior log data and alerts can be quickly reviewed  in the management console or exported to your monitoring tool


Increases Operational Efficiency

  • Security teams operate more efficiently by utilizing the endpoint security logs for insider threat as well as external threat analytics. InfoTrace has a  single, integrated solution that enables monitoring, control, and investigation from a single console.
  • If you company has NO insider threat monitoring at present, this is the most cost effective way to introduce the insider threat program.
  • For experience customers, we act as a first layer for monitoring the real time alters.

Insider Threat Policy Management

  • Pre-configured policy templates enable administrators to create and distribute role-based security profiles to every endpoint
  • Quarantines endpoints which do not meet minimum policy requirements
  • Issues administrator and user alerts on restricted behavior
  • Real-time monitoring on all insider Threat alerts and enable the detail behaviors investigation by details endpoint logs



Soliton InfoTrace™

–Enforce Policy  w/Remediation Layer


Pre-Packaged Digital Compliance Policy (DCP)

Our approach to security compliance begins with the ability to define the security policy profile. This profile can be uniquely assigned to different levels of the organization, people or machines, such as department, vendor, employee, contractor, server, laptop, PC.

Security Policy Profile “Digital Complacence Policy” can control;

  • Malware Protection
  • Application Control
  • Device Control &Network Control
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Log Management


Improve Your Security Compliance

InfoTrace incorporates a complete closed loop cycle enabling you to adhere to any security standards. It includes the ability to establish policy, maintain compliance and also provides feedback so you can easily improve the cycle. This cycle will assist you in adhering to any security standards including SEC, FTC, NISC, SOX, GLBH, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO.

Improve your security compliance

To meet the closed loop compliance cycle, we utilize the event logs from any endpoint to

  1. Assess and validate alerts.  If an alert is validated,
  2. Report is generated and you can quickly move to
  3. Remediate the issue by initiating device and application control, granting the ability to assign permissions, denying usage of VPN or internet access, and isolating an endpoint or stopping suspicious processes (Incudling the Investigation & Compliance Capability with Endpoint Event/Log Management).

Assess, Report, Remediate

InfoTrace [Digital Compliance Policy] for PCI DSS

The 12 Pillars of PCI Compliance



“Soliton offers a solution to the endpoint protection space that organizations can measure, track and monitor their malware health on endpoints and fulfill most of the requirements that are essential to PCI DSS 3.2 standards for any enterprise.”
– QSA –Tevora 2017

“We decided to strengthen our security governance to protect our employees from data leaks. We selected InfoTrace because of its rich UI and extensive security event analytics capabilities. We are happy to use InfoTrace to raise the level of security awareness with its access control capabilities.”
– Information Systems Manager

New Approach

Endpoint Security Compliance and Policy Management Platform

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