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DETECT: Unknown Malware/Insider Threat

Soliton InfoTrace™ Mark II

Equip your organization with the ability to efficiently and seamlessly meet both your security needs and compliance requirements – all while keeping costs in line and reducing risk

What we offer: InfoTrace offers a unique combination of endpoint capabilities that enable organizations to effectively adhere to security compliance & policy management requirements and identify and stop security breaches as they are unfolding. The InfoTrace platform is modularized, making it simple to add additional InfoTrace capabilities or simply integrate your existing security investments such as next-generation firewalls, SIEMs, AV, sandbox and proxy, router and web filtering.

How it Works: InfoTrace’s closed loop cycle enables organizations to easily adhere to any security compliance standard. Simply utilize our compliance baseline profile (machine or account) and assign the security module to be used and apply security settings to a machine or account. Once that’s done, you’re ready to go!

Our closed loop cycle begins with the ability to store event logs from any endpoint to Assess and validate alerts. If an alert is validated, a Report is generated and you can quickly move to Remediate the issue with our compliance profile control module.

“We decided to strengthen our security governance to protect our employees from data leaks. We selected InfoTrace because of its rich UI and extensive security event analytics capabilities. We are happy to use InfoTrace to raise the level of security awareness with its access control capabilities.”

– Information Systems Manager

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