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COMPLY: Manage Security Policy

Soliton InfoTrace™ Digital Compliance Policy

Our approach to security compliance begins with the ability to define the security policy profile. This profile can be uniquely assigned to different levels of the organization, people or machines, such as department, vendor, employee, contractor, server, laptop, PC.

Security Policy Profile  “Digital Complacence Policy” can control;

  • Next Gen AV

  • Application Control

  • Device Control

  • Network Control

  • Two-factor Authentication

Improve Your Security Compliance

InfoTrace incorporates a complete closed loop cycle enabling you to adhere to any security standards. It includes the ability to establish policy, maintain compliance and also provides feedback so you can easily improve the cycle.  This cycle will assist you in adhering to any security standards including SEC, FTC, NISC, SOX, GLBH, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO.

To meet the closed loop compliance cycle, we utilize the event logs from any endpoint to 

(1) Assess and validate alerts.  If an alert is validated,

(2) Report is generated and you can quickly move to

(3) Remediate the issue by initiating device and application control, granting the ability to assign permissions, denying usage of VPN or internet access, and isolating an endpoint or stopping suspicious processes (Incudling the Investigation & Compliance Capability with Endpoint Event/Log Management).

What is QSA saying about InfoTrace?

“Soliton offers a solution to the endpoint protection space that organizations can measure, track and monitor their malware health on endpoints and fulfill most of the requirements that are essential to PCI DSS 3.2 standards for any enterprise.” QSA –Tevora 2017

InfoTrace [Digital Compliance Policy] for PCI DSS

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