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CloudSecure Workspace

Deliver secure access to web and SaaS apps

Web-based apps are now a common part of many organizations’ IT strategy—but in practice, web browsers can cause many of the same headaches as any app, from frequent updates to user identification issues resulting in security issues.

Soliton offers a way to realize the benefits of web-based apps without the drawbacks. By containerizing web app in a Browser-Based workplace, and then delivering it the same way to every user, IT can solve web apps user identification issues while enhancing security and manageability.

“Browser-Based Container Workplace ”

Deliver all your cloud apps via CloudSecure Workspace


Corporate Data, Locked down for Remote Users!


Browser-Based Container Workplace ”…. Unlike VPN, VDI, RDP

  • Reduce the attack surface: Secured container that completely contains desktop based attacks.
  • Contain malware attacks: No Cut/Paste/Copy/Print/Data Transfer to local environment. 
  • Prevent data leakage: No sharing data to Local Area apps. (Option available for Read Only)
  • Reduce IT administration: Easy Login management: AD/LDAP integration for Cloud Apps (ID Federation), and SSO (Single Sign ON) Capable



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